Five Tips For Your Wedding Day Photography

By Guest Blogger Alison Guthrie of AG Influence

Your wedding is one of the most memorable events in your life. You’ve been dreaming of this day since you were young. You plan and prepare. You obsessive over even the smallest details. Yet, when your BIG DAY arrives, every couple will attest that it goes so quickly, the day is difficult to recall. It’s not uncommon for brides and grooms to be left wondering what that perfect wedding cake even tasted like! This is why your wedding photographer, and the moments they capture, play a huge role in your day. You’ll look back at these priceless moments for the rest of your life. You’ll show them to your children and grandchildren. As the months turn into years—and years into decades— the memories might fade, but you’ll open your wedding album and the gorgeous photos of your day will carry you back.So, these pictures should represent the very best side of you, your spouse, your families, and friends. Below, I highlight FIVE quick tips to ensure you optimize the time with your photographer and to help capture natural, beautiful photos.


This tip is easy to understand. The more natural you act in front of the camera, the better the photos will turn out. If you find this easier said than done, and you tend to freeze up in front of the camera, not to worry. JUST. HAVE. FUN.

I often offer these silly but sweet prompts to help get my clients into a comfortable mindset. Tuck these into the back of your mind to call on when your nerves set in:

·     Hug your spouse like it’s been a year since you saw them.

·      Tell me what they smell like.

·      Who’s the one that snores?

·      Think about the first time you kissed.

·      What is the funniest thing they ever said?


Breathe! It’s easy to get caught up in posing and following directions, and this is an easy tip to forget. When you don’t breathe, your shoulders become elevated. Your smile appears forced. Your whole body is stiff and unnatural.When you breathe, you relax. Your posture is better. Your whole body appears more natural. You simply look happier!


It’s safe to assume you enjoy the company of the person you just married. So, don’t be afraid to get close! The distance in a photo is magnified. I always tell clients that two inches of space will appear like six inches in a developed photograph. Snuggle up and enjoy that newlywed feeling. Obviously, I can’t assume you enjoy the company of your family as much, but it’s to your benefit to also get cozy in the family portraits as well.


It’s common for those holding bouquets to allow the flowers to take over. To ensure the bouquet is held properly, hold it even with your hip bones and tilted towards the photographer. This will ensure your torso appears elongated, and you don’t visually cut yourself in half. Additionally, tilting the bouquet towards the photographer will guarantee you’re capturing the gorgeous blooms and not the stems. A bonus tip for the ladies— when possible, angle your hips to a corner which will make your waistline visible and give you better definition in the waist and hips. (Think: hourglass)Follow these easy to implement steps to make the most of your time with your photographer, and to ensure your wedding photos are a perfect representation of your personalities and love. Have fun, laugh, go-with-the-flow, breathe a bit, and I guarantee you’ll look back on your wedding album with happiness and wonderful memories.


While this is an intimate moment for your new spouse and you, consider inviting a close friend or relative to tag-a-long. This person should have your best interest at heart and observe to ensure even the smallest of details are perfect. Having one person tending to the smallest details will allow the photographer to oversee the larger picture. (Pun intended)Some details this friend or family member might look for are:

·     Bridal gown: Is it laid out in the most flattering way? Is it in mud? Does the

bustle need fluffing?

·      Bowties, ties, and tails: Are the bowties straight? Are the ties laying

correctly? Are the gentlemen’s tails flat?

·      Hair: Is all the hair laying correctly? Are there whispies? Fly-a-ways?

·      Makeup: Does anyone have lipstick on their teeth? Have happy tears

smudged mascara?

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